LED lighting from Japan

Quality LED lighting from Japan

We value our customers and manufacture products that enrich the lives and win the love and trust of citizens of nations all around the world, through sustained growth.

As LED manufacturers, we have been concentrating on increasing the efficacy (lm/w) and decreasing the cost of our product. This has been the key factor that the market has been pushing for. Whilst this is still important to us, we started to realize after many years of development that this should not be the only factor that an LED manufacturer should focus on.

We started to think about the “Quality of Light” as well. As Japanese manufacturers, it is our mentality to prioritize the quality of our product. We have investigated, studied, and made every effort to express the “Quality of Light” and have finally developed a number of products that we believe represent the “Quality of Light” and that we want to present to the market. We have received good feedback with regard to these products, but have also realized that our development decisions were based on the LED manufacturers’ or luminaire manufacturers’ point of view.

To widen our knowledge and create a better “Quality of Light” through our engineering technology, we believed that we could gain new insights and views from the people who specify our products: Lighting Designers. That led us to the “Perfect Light Project”, together with Light Collective. Our new development, which we are planning to show at PLDC 2019 was inspired by this project. We are excited to be sharing our new concept with PLDC attendees.

We will be hosting a short film screening at PLDC on Friday, 25. October, 2019, 14.15. For more information, see the post on The Perfect Light Experience here.