Lighting Accents: Rotterdam also confirmed

Lighting Accents: the journey continues

Since it was founded in 1997, Lighting Accents has produced luminaires of the highest standard and is proud to have worked with the world’s best international lighting designers and architects to realise renowned projects. Lighting Accents sees itself as a project lighting firm and has the aim to offer the planner and customers a tailored lighting solution for their project rather than random products from the standard range. From the very start, the focus has been on integrating light into the surrounding architecture with the goal of showing the property in the best possible light – and most of Lighting Accents lighting is discrete. The company has been continually enhancing all of their lighting series over the years and combining them with the latest lighting technology.

The team at Lighting Accents are glad of any light-related challenge and, with the help of their in-house production and development team, they are able to meet all demands – from individual lights to 10,000 lux series lights. And since continuity, reliability, quality and service are important characteristics in the project business, they are very proud to have worked with many of their customers for several years already. This continuity is reflected in the company structure itself as many of the staff have worked for Lighting Accents for a long time and the management team has remained unchanged since the company was founded. Lighting Accents sees itself as a traditional yet modern manufacturer with a qualitative regional infrastructure that is also active worldwide and at the cutting edge of international lighting design.