Margherita De Nicola/IT

Work-in-progress report from L’Aquila/IT

22. October, 2019

The speaker will report on the lighting designed for the town following the earthquake in 2009. The solution developed enables the light to be dimmed and the colour temperature changed from cool through to warm white light depending on the time of day/year and to suit human needs. The speaker will report on the impact of the lighting scheme for inhabitants and visitors.

Margherita De Nicola/IT, Citelum SA

Margherita De Nicola, M.Eng. (cum laude) in Electronic Engineering from the University of L’Aquila, Italy, has worked for Citelum SA since 2014. She is currently responsible for managing public lighting contracts in parts of Southern Italy, including the City of L’Aquila. As part of the Innovation Team of Citelum Italia, her main focus is on developing competent service design to create sustainable and innovative cities.

Previously, she worked for Telecom Italia in the Research & Development division and in Central Network Operations up to 2000, when she joined the team of Edisontel, the new telecommunications player in the Edison Group. Starting as Business Development Manager, she moved on to the role of Wholesale Manager for ten years, designing and launching new infrastructure services and dealing with European and American carriers.