Merging masterminds

Merging masterminds

Makes absolute sense … – An introduction to the topic by Joachim Ritter

The future depends on our ability to cooperate and how well we can manage to bring the right people with the right know-how together to create the right team. We do not need a list of reasons why we should be doing this. Over the last two years we have witnessed sufficient evidence at a political level to ensure we understand what, and who, it takes. Our planet is not as politically stable as it can or should be, and the global economy is now considerably less dynamic and is showing far more signs of uncertainty than it did two years ago. Even though the world as a whole appears to be becoming increasingly more complex. Why is that?

And the same applies when it comes to architectural lighting design. True, we now understand far more about how important light is for us humans, and at the same time we are well aware of the challenges associated with the digital revolution, of what sustainability is all about, and what modern social structures we are now part of. Architecture and good lighting are more closely connected than ever before. Spatial design is architecture – lighting design is spatial design, the visualisation of our immediate surroundings. So far, so good! But what can light lend a space to achieve this or support the world as we know it? Architecture, ambience, technology, energy, bio-rhythm, human beings, flora and fauna, communication, social behaviour. Modern-day society expects more of architects, lighting specialists and manufacturers than ever before – because we understand the meaning and importance of light.

Which is why it is necessary for a team of dedicated professionals to redefine the quality of lighting design in architecture. Good architecture has more than three or even four dimensions and can no longer be realised on a “me only” or “me first” basis. It is all about bringing together the expertise of the professionals required to realise and optimise a project and in the interest of the users of the spaces created.

The motto of PLDC 2019 in Rotterdam, merging masterminds, was purposefully chosen to encourage discussion on, and the implementation of, new ways of cooperating on architectural projects. To this day, architects, lighting designers, programmers, sociologists, media experts, researchers, manufacturers and clients only see the challenges we need to face, but have no conclusive solutions for the future at the ready. This is the point at which PLDC 2019 in Rotterdam will be taking steps, albeit not gigantic ones, and encouraging reflection and discussion on forward-looking approaches to appropriate and meaningful cooperation.

We therefore look forward to welcoming architects with visions, researchers with the latest know-how, lighting experts with talent and creativity, manufacturers with technical solutions, and clients with open minds for the future, who together understand the PLDC platform as a significant point of departure.