Moderated discussion

Moderated discussion

Future of the profession: getting it right!

Discussion date: 24. October
Discussion time: 14:00 – 14:30

Everybody is talking about it: big engineering firms buying boutique lighting design studios or big architectural firms developing their own lighting design divisions. One could dismiss this by saying it is just like in the rest of the world – the lighting design profession is in a process of change. But maybe we should take this more seriously than we do right now and start asking ourselves: Should we be worried? Could this be considered a threat to the profession?

Even though the lighting design profession has developed over the past years, the journey is far from over. The situation is different everywhere, but generally speaking, anyone can call him/herself a lighting designer. The profession is not protected as a profession in its own right. It might even be fair to say that in many places, questions such as “What does lighting designer do?” or “Who can call him/herself a lighting designer?” are still valid.

With this in mind, we need to discuss these recent trends. One negative reaction would be to feel concerned about these changes, and there are reasons to consider this. Especially since the cultural change that accompanies such changes might be fatal and not easy to identify in the short-term. While the profession is not fully established, going back to being the providers of an “additional” service might be a big problem in the long run.

The topic of this moderated discussion is to discuss the questions above with people who have been part of this new trend and to gain an insider’s perspective. In the end, if this is not the place and time to discuss the future of the profession, what is? And when?

Confirmed participants:
Kevan Shaw, KSLD
Kai Piippo, ÅF Lighting


Emre Güneş/TK

With a background in Industrial Engineering, over time Emre Güneş has become a lighting design advocate. Back in 2005, he started publishing the only architectural lighting design magazine in Turkey. Since then he has continued to read, write, learn, and organise events on/around lighting design. He was editor-in-chief of the Professional Lighting Design Türkiye magazine from 2006 until the print version ceased to be, and served as the Turkish representative of PLDA (Professional Lighting Designers’ Association) from 2007 till it was closed down in 2014. During this period, he organised more than 20 events including conferences, workshops, Guerilla Lighting, light walks, and so on.
These activities and initiatives led to changes in the lighting design world in Turkey: there are now 15 independent lighting design practices in Turkey today. Since 2011, he has been raising awareness of light pollution, which included screening “The city dark” documentary film in major cities Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir, and giving talks at different events and universities to gather a wide range of interested parties to discuss the issue. At the beginning of 2014, he co-founded Ağustos Teknoloji and began introducing innovative lighting technologies to the Turkish market. In May 2018, he took on the role of Business Development Director for Ligman.
Emre has been a speaker and moderator at both national and international events.
Speaking experience: http://bit.ly/emregunes-talks