Moderated discussion

Moderated discussion

AI why why?

Discussion date: 26. October

Discussion time: 14:00 – 14:30

It has become more than a buzzword in our modern-day society: Artificial Intelligence. Especially with regard to our working world. But also in our lives in general. Where light also plays a key role, of course. What do we understand by Artificial Intelligence – AI? How can it be of use in the field of lighting design, and what risks are involved? Is there a possibility that AI products may well take over from the HCL wave promoted by the lighting industry?

Questions that our lighting design community have not yet given any thought to. Or maybe they have …

Confirmed participants:

Francesco Iannone
Serena Tellini
Marc Engenhart
Virginie Nicolas
Koert Vermeulen


Joachim Ritter/DE

Joachim Ritter, is a free-lance journalist with 25 years‘ professional experience. Special topics: architecture, lighting design and lighting technology. Joachim is the owner of the VIA-Verlag company and editor-in-chief of the Professional Lighting Design online platform. He is a Founding Member and was a board member of the Professional Lighting Designers’ Association, PLDA for 13 years. Until 2011 he was a Fellow Member. He also co-organises international workshops, conferences and other educational activities to promote the lighting design profession. He is organiser and founder of the global lighting design conventions in London PLDC 2007, Berlin 2009, Madrid 2011 and Copenhagen 2013. Joachim Ritter served also a Member of the Board of the IALD Education Trust Fund of the IALD, International Association of Lighting Designers from 2005 to 2006.