Partner Event Zukunftskonferenz Licht 2019

Zukunftskonferenz Licht 2019

We are happy to announce that the Zukunftskonferenz Licht 2019  has accepted to be a Partner Event of PLDC 2019.

When it comes to discussing the future of light and lighting we need to ensure that everyone is on the same page from the start so we can begin to think about and develop new and appropriate »innovative building blocks«.

The conference organised by LiTG – Zukunftskonferenz (ZK19) – provides an holistic approach, inviting all those attending this independent conference to think outside the box and explore new ways forward. The focus of ZK19 does not lie on a series of individual topics, but achieves a new level of quality by promoting the transdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary and unbiased exchange of ideas on the future of light and lighting.

Unresolved issues, for example, relate to whether and to what extent we are able to maintain a clear overview of the trends and developments light is likely to undergo. What ways are there of outlining what photometric, design-driven or medicinal may mean in future? The effects of light and their importance for human beings go far beyond immediate and direct biological effects and are more than of only a visual and non-visual nature. ZK19 aims to think about light in a completely new way and present what chances there are for light in the near future and beyond.

 The conference language is German.

Further information can be found under www.zukunftkonferenz-licht.de