Partner Institute The Lighting Institute

The Lighting Institute

We are happy to announce that the Lighting Institute has accepted to be a Partner Institute of PLDC 2019.

The Lighting Institute is a first for the Middle East & North Africa region; an Association, a Community and a Voice for everything pertinent to quality lighting and quality lighting design. TLI aims to raise the awareness and maturity of the MENA region by connecting the lighting community, clients and legislators together enabling an improved and healthier profession for all.

To study market demands, address critical issues in the region, develop databases of potential job candidates, vacancies and research and for the first time offer a comprehensive suite of high quality education courses available to all.

TLI’s Intensive courses (over 1−4 days), are offered in multiple languages (English, Arabic, Hindi), with flexible mentors, accommodating preferred locations and available to both firms and individuals. Today TLI offers 10 lighting design courses and 4 additional courses on specific lighting software.

TLI is already gathering the growing support of key individuals and groups worldwide whom are recognized pioneers in lighting. These together with top lighting education institutes from the UK, Germany and Denmark form TLI’s esteemed Academic and Design advisory board.

The Institute aims to reach out to the entire spectrum of target audience needing to hear the voice of the lighting community, creating and supporting major regional lighting events such as Light Middle East, inviting key international experts and fueling constant lighting evolution for the Middle East.

It all starts with visiting www.thelightinginstitute.com