Partner University Higher School of Lighting Design (CLD) of ITMO University

Higher School of Lighting Design (CLD) of ITMO University

We are happy to announce that the Higher School of Lighting Design at ITMO University has accepted to be a Partner University of PLDC 2019.

The Higher School of Lighting Design at ITMO University (CLD ITMO University) is one of the leading Russian educational institutions for educational and experimental practical projects in the fields of lighting design, science, technology and art. Our professors possess both high qualifications and valuable scientific practice experiences, thereby allowing CLD ITMO University to provide not only a high quality education to Russian lighting designers, but also to improve methods of instruction. In addition to the education we maintain a constantly running international research laboratory “Lighting design of an urban environment”, project department and student lab to cross the bridge between theory and practice.


ITMO University is one Russia’s leading higher education and research institutions, specializing in Information Technology, Optical Design and Engineering and one of 15 Russian universities that were selected to participate in the Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100. The University consists of 43 international research centres, two Institutes, and 18 departments, with a total of 100 chairs. The number of students is 13 000, with over 1 400 foreign students from 61 countries. The University employs 1200 lecturers and professors, including over 1290 PhDs. The total number of employees is 4100. The overall budget: $81 million (2014).