Partner University KIT

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

We are happy to announce that the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology has accepted to be a Partner University of PLDC 2019.

The Building Science Group is an interdisciplinary team within KIT’s Faculty of Architecture working in the fields of building physics and technical building services. The mission in research and education is to promote sustainable solutions for both new and existing buildings that offer long-term high level comfort combined with a minimum impact on energy resources and the environment. The focus is on integrated building and energy concepts – a synthesis of architectural design optimized for high indoor environmental quality and innovative solutions for energy supply with a low primary energy consumption.

Lighting design is a decicive factor for architectural design and the perception of space, for indoor environmental quality, and energy consumption, and therefore plays an important role at the Building Science Group.

The Building Science Group within KIT’s Faculty of Architecture is delighted and grateful for the opportunity to be a partner of the PLDC 2019 in Rotterdam – a great occasion for our students and the staff.