PLDC expands to Asia and America and changes to an annual event

PLDC 2018 will take place in Singapore/SG

PLDC 2019 will take place Europe

PLDC 2020 is planned to take place in New York City/US

PLDC expands to Asia and America and changes to an annual event

PLDC strategy up to and including 2027

The Professional Lighting Design Convention is recognised as the Thought Leadership Event for the lighting design community worldwide. After staging six editions in ten years we have analysed the impact of the event and would now be prepared to develop this event to the next level. The overall goal is to establish the professional lighting design profession in its own right. Given the shift on the market and within the field of technology, VIA-Verlag is prepared to take a further step and responsibility to reach this goal.

As part of the development, it is necessary to offer a professional CPD programme and organise an international community representing the profession and guiding the CPD programme with regard to content. This community will not take the form of an association, but still requires a structure to provide professional guidance. We refer to this as the Alliance. This is an open platform and it is free-of-charge to become a partner of the Alliance. This platform will also provide guidance on lifelong learning and a link to learning opportunities.

VIA-Verlag does not intend to develop PLDC in size. The idea is to maintain the overall concept of an information and communication event. We believe that 2000 attendees is a sign of strength for the architectural market. We also believe that the manufacturers’ exhibition should not grow substantially. We intend to keep the level at around 75 partners.

Nevertheless, we have decided to take PLDC to the next level and stage the convention on a yearly basis, adding the Asian and American markets. VIA has given thought to the next three locations / cities for PLDC. This means that
–> PLDC 2018 will take place in Singapore in October 2018
–> PLDC 2019 will take place in Europe – the city will be announced when the event location is finally fixed
–> PLDC 2020 is planned to take place in New York City/US
–> PLDC 2021 will take place in Europe again

With this structure and concept we believe that the lighting design profession in architecture will gain even more momentum. We also believe that on this basis we can deliver more value to the global market.

We will shortly be announcing a Call for Papers for the 2018 event, and in January 2018 we will be able to provide more detailed information. We are convinced that the concepts we have developed will lead to further exciting and vibrant conventions, comparable to previous editions of PLDC. We are close to finalising the location and first agreements with partners and supporters. More to follow soon.



  • Dear PLDC team,

    i participated in this year’s event in Paris. unfortunately only for one day. but it was even quite good.

    I like to be kept informed for the session in Singapore next year in Oktober

    • kristina says:

      Dear Dennis,

      Thank you for your kind words. We will keep in touch and you will receive regular newsletter updates.
      Best regards,

      Your PLDC team

  • great news! Will be waiting for you in Singapore!

  • Full congratulations to the whole team, you have created a far reaching specialty event, please maintain that unique specialism as you move into volume production…

    • Franziska says:

      Thank you Martin for this compliment and comment, it is truly appreciated.
      We are always open for feedback, so please feel free to share your thoughts after the next events.

      Your PLDC team

  • Dirk Seifert says:

    Wonderful to see the development – only a pitty, not every year possible to take place at the event…

  • Anurag Yadav says:

    Three days at PLDC at Paris last year left me gasping (in delight). Such a rich opportunity to feed the mind with varied ideas and info and perspectives on light design.
    Was tough deciding on which session or talk to miss…

    Singapore, unnamed European city, New York, unnamed European city – hopefully will be there every time till 2021!

  • Dorit (Dot) Malin says:

    WOW. Hopefully It will become possible for me to be involve and attand . Isound like a grate plan.
    Dorit (Dot) Malin

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