Reija Pasanen/FI

The lighting principles of the city’s waterfronts and routes in Helsinki/FI

Presentation date: 24. October
Presentation time: 11:15

The new city plan for Helsinki, Vision 2050, will incorporate the development of lighting solutions for the waterfronts and seaside areas of the Finnish capital. Reija Pasanen will report on the methodology applied to analyse the needs of the users of these spaces. The lighting principles established will serve as basis for the detailed planning of shore lighting in the years to come.

Reija Pasanen/FI, Rambøll Finland Oy

Reija Pasanen has an MA in Industrial Design from theSchool of Art and Design in Helsinki/FI and worked as a lighting designer and product designer for over ten years, pursuing planning activities and developing urban lighting solutions both in Finland and abroad before founding DMY Design Meets You in 2013. Reija is now also working as a project manager and lighting designer in the field of architectural lighting design at Ramboll Finland. Over the years, Reija has also maintained an interest in supporting educational events and concepts.