Report on the Educators’ and Researchers’ Meeting

Educators’ and Researchers’ pre-convention meeting

Wednesday, 23. October, 2019 from 10.00 – 13.00

The meeting, attended by educators and researchers from up to 20 different countries, began with a round of introductions. The update on the status quo of the Lighting Design Education landscape showed that progress has been made with regard to collaboration and communication between universities.

The researchers present reported on the growing level of cooperation between universities of applied sciences and other academic institutions. Representatives of the universities present showed an interest in finding out more about the core curriculum developed by the Think/Do Tank coordinated by VIA. The core curriculum is one of the parameters required for gaining recognition of a profession.

Some time was spent explaining the role of university programmes and researchers in the development of CPD (Continuing Professional Development), which is also one of the parameters required for gaining recognition of qualified professionals. Some universities offer CPD seminars to former graduates. Such learning opportunities may also be beneficial for practising lighting designers. Summarised research outputs are also essential for practising lighting designers.

A discussion then took place on Lighting Design modules at Bachelor/Master level for related disciplines (Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Interior Design…)

Henrika Pihlajaniemi from Oulu University and Gillian Treacy from the University of Edinburgh shared information about their teaching modules to start the discussion.

The educators and researchers present expressed interest in sharing more information with one another and communicating and cooperating when and where it makes sense.

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