Sangil Na/KR/AU

Lighting design for interplanetary environments

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 15:15

This study is about lighting design for interplanetary environments, primarily for a journey to Mars. The main priority is the improvement of crew members’ health and performance during this journey in the spacecraft and in their base on Mars – the habitat. The presentation will touch on a new challenge for lighting designers: the support of astronauts. However, the findings of the study can also be applied to applications on Earth, such as underground spaces, long-distance flights, night-time shift workers, and those suffering from seasonal affective disorder.

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Sangil Na/KR/AU, The Flaming Beacon

Sangil Na holds a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design from Kyonggi University, South Korea and recently graduated from Wismar University of Applied Sciences with a Master of Architectural Lighting Design. He has been working as a freelance designer, as well as as a lighting designer for Vermillion Co., Ltd. and The Flaming Beacon in Australia. He participated in exhibitions during the Seoul Design Festival and in the Seoul Tourism Souvenir Contest, and recently gave a special lecture at Kyonggi University.