Sangil Na/KR/AU

Lighting design for interplanetary environments

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 15:15

According to the lifespan of the earth, rapid global warming and the growth of the world’s population, it is urgent that we study the interplanetary environment. For us, as lighting designers, we may well be faced with crucial tasks to support the astronauts who are required to spend long periods of time in a spaceship to reach other planets and support the first settlers on planets such as Mars. These tasks would address psychological and physiological issues what we can help treat through lighting: for example, restructuring their circadian rhythm so they can adapt to life in space in extreme environments, or supporting the mental health of humans through the illumination of their habitats on other planets.

The concurrent study on how to improve lighting design in extreme environments on earth will also be beneficial to our mission for Mars. These include underground spaces, long-distance flights, night-shift workers, and the impact light can have on seasonal affective disorder.

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Sangil Na/KR/AU, The Flaming Beacon

Sangil Na holds a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design from Kyonggi University, South Korea and recently graduated from Wismar University of Applied Sciences with a Master of Architectural Lighting Design. He has been working as a freelance designer, as well as as a lighting designer for Vermillion Co., Ltd. and The Flaming Beacon in Australia. He participated in exhibitions during the Seoul Design Festival and in the Seoul Tourism Souvenir Contest, and recently gave a special lecture at Kyonggi University.