Italian know-how and technology come to Rotterdam

Italian know-how and technology come to Rotterdam

Spacecannon is an historical brand and has played a key role in the realisation of a number of renowned and unique international architectural lighting projects. Since 2015 Spacecannon has been part of the Nordgas group that works primarily in the electronic market and has been developing data transmission systems for the last 20 years; Nordgas is thus able to bring to the lighting market a wealth of experience and technology, increasing the value of Spacecannon in the process.

The mission is to «melt Nordgas technology with the lighting experience of Spacecannon», offering our clients the best technology available today and creating intelligent lighting systems that are required by the market.

With this idea, Spacecannon have extended their product range beyond the architectural lighting portfolio and can now offer high-quality solutions for sport, industrial, and street lighting. All products are designed and manufactured in Italy.

Today the company comprises an R&D department with a staff of 20 specialists plus around 50 employees in the production department, and is able to develop “custom made” solutions on demand to meet clients’ specific needs.

The combination of Spacecannon know-how and Nordgas technology is capable of satisfying the most demanding and stringent specifications. Design and technological solutions are our DNA – expressed by our team through our wide product portfolio.