Star Davis/US

The intelligent evolution of work space

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 10:15

A growing dependency on (and development of) intelligent technology is the catalyst for the rapid evolution of workspace. In the process, it is changing what designers spend their time doing, and how they need to think. Star Davis will report on what research she and her team are pursuing in parallel with continued collaborations with scientific research institutions that are investigating the physiological impact of light exposure on circadian cycles and human health. These considerations form the backbone of the strategy she and her team have implemented relative to developing lighting standards, spatial programming plus the ongoing testing of their assumptions and conclusions.

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Star Davis/US, WeWork

Star Davis is an internationally recognized design consultant specializing in novel electric lighting and daylighting strategies. Balancing macro level creative thinking with strong technical capabilities, she manages a variety of complex concurrent projects pushing the boundaries of the built environment.

Guiding her approach is a deep understanding of visual perception, photobiology, physics, construction methodology, and atmospheric phenomena.

Star also teaches part-time at Parsons School of Design, where she is responsible for the Master’s level courses on building systems and energy and data analytics for architects, interior designers and lighting designers.