Ulrika Wänström Lindh

Self-running poster presentation:

“Sketching as a tool for lighting research”

Ulrika Wänström Lindh is a researcher and educator, a Senior Lecturer in Lighting Design. She works in the Department of Civil Engineering and Lighting Science at the School of Engineering at Jönköping University in Sweden. She also has a background as architect (MA) and interior architect (MFA). Her PhD dissertation Light Shapes Spaces (2012) dealt with perception and spatial experience in lit environments. Ulrika’s research interest focusses on how the perceived room size is affected by bright and dark surfaces in a complex spatial context. Atmosphere-related topics are also of substantial large interest for Ulrika, who works with lit spatial boundaries in relation to reassurance, light topography (the height of the light source) in a space, and the social impact of light and the rhythm of light. Working at a technical engineering university with an artistic PhD background is challenging, but fruitful. The combination of qualitative and quantitative methods is rather unique in the field. This is mirrored by the Lighting Design programme in Jönköping; the students, at Bachelor level, gain technical knowledge as well as expertise in artistic lighting design. Ulrika teaches perception and spatial design, and is responsible for the final thesis course.