Victor Angelo Gonzalez/PH/DE

Light for healing the mind, body and soul

Presentation date: 25. October
Presentation time: 15:45

People have been applying light to heal various diseases for some time, from heliotherapy to spectro-chrome therapy to the use of specific wavelengths to treat specific ailments. These methods have been studied and prove to be beneficial in curing physical diseases. There are many medicines and therapies to help maintain a healthy body and mind. However, having a healthy mind and body is not enough to be able to say that we are 100% healthy. The mind, body, and soul should be equally balanced to achieve a good state of health and well-being.

Victor Angelo Gonzalez/PH/DE

Victor Angelo Gonzalez, commonly known as Troy, is a lighting designer with a background in Applied Physics, more specifically in Photonics (optics and lasers). Troy studied the effects and benefits of lighting for human health. His Master Thesis covers the subject of Lighting for Spiritual Healing. In the future, he would like to raise more awareness of the importance of light and health in his designs, while educating people along the way.