What makes PLDC so different?

What makes PLDC so different?

Second reason: New ideas are born and trends developed at PLDC.

The Monza Method was born at PLDC 2009 in Berlin.

There are a number of conferences, fairs and gatherings on architectural lighting design that take place around the world in the course of a year. So why do so many lighting designers and lighting specialists appreciate PLDC so much and take the time to be part of this event? What is it that makes PLDC so special that some design practices close down altogether for almost one week to be able to attend?

How do new trends and designs come into being? It is all about helping people become inspired. Encouraging them to open their minds, look beyond the obvious, think out of the box. This is what lighting designers, and manufacturers alike, find at PLDC. One typical example is the way the paintings by Old Masters can be reinterpreted using the right light. In 2009 at PLDC in Berlin, Deborah Burnett/USA and Hinderk M. Emrich/D gave keynotes on the impact of light on human beings, and brought the whole topic of neuroscience and neuroaesthetics to PLDC attendees’ attention. Light plays a key role in this context. Lighting designers Francesco Iannone and Serena Tellini were so inspired that they decided to delve deeper into the topic. Together with researchers they carried out studies on mirror neurons and investigated how the different coloured pigments that the artists used to mix with the oils to paint with responded to light, and how specific parts of the spectrum can be applied to render the colours exactly as the painter intended. The way we perceive this is the result of processes that go on inside our brains. The real reason behind purposefully designed light …

In the first exhibitions in Rome in 2011 realised using this special technique Francesco Iannone and Serena Tellini observed the reactions of the visitors and received many positive comments. In Theodelinda’s chapel in Monza/I they continued their research and applied their findings when illuminating the frescoes there. The philosophy behind this technique, which has since been referred to as the Monza Method, and has aroused interest around the globe. Francesco and Serena have given many lectures on the topic and headed workshops to demonstrate their unique approach. Today they are deemed experts in this field. Nanyang Technological University in Singapore has been pursuing research on this topic since 2015. Both lighting designers have focussed this special area of expertise and are now expanding their know-how to cover other areas of lighting design: offices, exhibition stand design, and healthcare. Through further education and by expanding their knowledge they have discovered new potential for their design work and have been commissioned to work on many very interesting projects.

In collaboration with VIA-Verlag they are currently preparing to stage a practical workshop on lighting art in Vienna at the KHM of Vienna/A. There is still time to register for the workshop and accompanying one-day conference. Members of the research team at Nanyang Technological University will also be present to share information on some of their latest work.


At PLDC 2017 in Paris Francesco Ianone and Serena Tellini will be giving a paper on “The correlation of lessons learnt – from 16th century art to 21st century office and healthcare environments”.

We are also expecting PLDC in Paris to give rise to new ideas and trends. The focus this year will be on “Urban Lighting”. The design ideas competition that is being staged prior to PLDC plus a significant number of PLDC papers are dedicated to this topic.

We look forward to what will develop in the future and to new success stories that came into being at PLDC 2017 in Paris …

More Reasons requested what makes PLDC so different?
First reason: Speakers you have never heard of in the lighting world – Alessandro Gobetti, Neil Harbisson, Riccardo Marini and others…
Third reason: Different market players are present so you can meet everyone you need to meet to discuss your personal development and market trends
Fourth reason:
The selected papers and discussions reflect the future of the market and not the past – The way the PLDC programme is put together is globally unique.
Fifth reason: The lighting design community knows no borders.
The sixth reason: At PLDC you can witness product launches and revolutionary developments: SunLike launch by Seoul Semiconductor.
Seventh reason: At PLDC you experience locations, social gatherings and parties you will never forget.