What makes PLDC so different?

What makes PLDC so different?

Seventh reason: At PLDC you experience locations, social gatherings and parties you will never forget.

We visit high-profile locations you might otherwise never go to.

There are a number of conferences, fairs and gatherings on architectural lighting design that take place around the world in the course of a year. So why do so many lighting designers and lighting specialists appreciate PLDC so much and take the time to be part of this event? What is it that makes PLDC so special that some design practices close down altogether for almost one week to be able to attend?

In Germany there is a saying: “If you’re good enough to party, you’re good enough to work”. Or even better: “If you work hard, you need to party hard”. PLDC locations, parties and social events are all high-profile. The conference locations are serious and of international standing, the parties high-spirited and legendary.

PLDC has been staged in some exceptional conference locations, such as the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid/ES in 2011 or the Bella Center in Copenhagen/DK in 2013. The evening events and parties held in the ballroom at the Palais am Funkturm in Berlin in 2009, the Matadero cultural centre in Madrid in 2011, and the Lokomotivvaerstedet in Copenhagen in 2013 remain unparalleled and unforgettable. In Rome, PLDC attendees were taken on a tour of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican together with Osram. Hard to beat was the Gala Dinner in Rome in 2015, which took place in the Cinecittà film studios. Guests enjoyed a welcoming drink with the historic scenery created for blockbusters such as Ben-Hur as the backdrop. The Gala Dinner in one of the studios turned out to be an event with cult status.

In Paris this year the convention will be held in the largest conference centre in Europe, the Palais des Congrès. The Gala Dinner has been sold out for weeks. That said, there are still tickets available for the After Show Party. But we also have a number of interesting evening events taking place during the PLDC week. On the Thursday evening, together with Targetti, we will be heading for the nightclub venue – and the dance floor – at the world-famous Moulin Rouge. Planned excursions with our partners will be taking us to Notre Dame and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs at the Louvre. And we will also have the possibility to include a trip out to Versailles to view the lighting there.

A number of our partners will be opening their showrooms in Paris during the Professional Lighting Design Week, offering lighting specialists and enthusiasts the opportunity to mix and mingle, discuss and debate, and gain and share information …

At PLDC we see the world world in all its facets: top left the historic fair building in Berlin, top right the Circulo des Bellas Artes in Madrid, bottom left the Cinecitta filmstudios in Rome, bottom right the Moulin Rouge in Paris…

See here about more reasons what makes PLDC so different:
First reason
: Speakers you have never heard of in the lighting world – Alessandro Gobetti, Neil Harbisson, Riccardo Marini and others…
Second reason: New ideas are born and trends developed at PLDC – The Monza Method
Third reason: Different market players are present so you can meet everyone you need to meet to discuss your personal development and market trends
Fourth reason: The selected papers and discussions reflect the future of the market and not the past – The way the PLDC programme is put together is globally unique.
Fifth reason: The lighting design community knows no borders.
The sixth reason: At PLDC you can witness product launches and revolutionary developments