Yi Ju

Self-running poster presentation:

“Based on two experimental tests, to discuss how to develop a daylight system which can always provide a view to the outside”

Yi Ju was born in Wuhan, China and started her professional life as a lighting designer in Singapore in 2011 after graduating from Hochschule Wismar with a Master’s degree in Architectural Lighting Design. Her professional activities have taken her abroad several times, to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Nepal, India, Mauritius, Spain and Germany. Given her success in Asia, she was able to return to Germany in 2016 for her second Master’s degree in Engineering. She has also been active in lighting events and NGO projects. Yi Ju took part in an international competition for daylighting design in 2018, and this year she has been invited to PLDC to present her Master’s thesis on an innovative daylighting system for the future.